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  Emotive Awareness Model

The Tureeya Experience draws upon many inventive approaches to understanding emotions and behavior. Many of these are applied relevant to particular discussions, situations and challenges. Our leading influences have been:

REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) is a practical, action-oriented approach to coping with problems and enhancing personal growth. More insight can be got from www.rebt.org. Our facilitators have studied and applied the REBT process in depth.

Inner Child
As we grow up, we build our relationship with self, other people and life on the foundations we formed in early childhood. Inner child healing starts with becoming aware and then choosing to stop them from dictating how we are living our life today. Our facilitators have attended self awareness sessions conducted by teachers of the Inner Child process.

Based on 20 years of research by Dr. Reuven Bar-On and completed by approximately 110,000 individuals worldwide, the BarOn EQ-i® and BarOn EQ-i:S™ assessments measure one's self-reported potential to deal with daily environmental demands and pressures, and helps predict one's success in both professional and personal pursuits. Our facilitators have attended workshops and certifications conducted by teachers of the EQi®.

The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network helps all people learn to know themselves, choose themselves, and give themselves. More information can be got from www.6seconds.org. Our facilitators have attended workshops and certifications conducted by 6Seconds®.

Option Process®
The Option Institute is the worldwide teaching center for The Option Process®. Its core philosophy is based on the motivational and inspirational work and books of author/teacher Barry Neil Kaufman . More information can be got from www.option.org. Our facilitators have attended workshops and certifications conducted by the Option Institute.

Indian Philosophy
Without the wisdom of Vedanta to define man’s relationship with himself, none of Tureeya’s work would have begun. Our realizations and experiences, which form the basis of our work, have resulted from the integration of the supreme Himalayan wisdom of Vedanta with the practical truths of the Western Psychological frameworks.

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