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  What do we enjoy

We enjoy helping individuals become more successful at work. We are delighted when individuals choose a leadership style that is not driven by patterns of negative emotions and habits but is purposeful and fuelled by a positive vision of what is possible and their talents.

The foundation of what we do is helping people understand people. We become joyous when individuals learn to motivate each other and create new ways of interacting with each other. We become ecstatic when they discover the purpose of their work and life. We celebrate when; individuals operate with trust, teams resolve their conflicts and organizations foster the unique talents of their employees. We know we have made a difference when individuals thank their management for bringing us in. We feel happy for those who tell us that the Tureeya experience has been life transforming. We know that we have delivered when organizations acknowledge our contribution in reaching their business goals.

Our favorite quote is “We teach the best what we want to learn the most”. We constantly learn new techniques to understand ourselves and people. We contemplate new ways to change behavior patterns. We continuously learn about how critical these are to organizations. Our life’s work is to listen, learn, be aware, apply and share.

It’s a great adventure. It is about people and creating Resonance in individuals, teams and organizations.

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