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Tessolve was founded to benefit from creating a new industry and opportunity in India in the area of semiconductor testing services. The founders wanted to develop a culture, from the inception, that will motivate highly technical and motivated engineers to stay with Tessolve for a long period of time. The business realities and the founder’s vision dictated the culture to be centered on continual learning and technical innovations. Tureeya initiated and mentored our employees
under a key initiative called Tessolve Center for Innovation and Learning. The strength of Tureeya has been to motivate employees at all levels to define and execute programs that provides short and long term business benefit. The employees have enjoyed creating opportunities that express their talents in a way that impacts business.

Tureeya has been and will be a critical long term partner for Tessolve to build a culture that will help us realize our dreams of building a world class testing company in the semiconductor domain.
      V Veerappan, Vice President, Operations, Tessolve Services Pvt. Ltd. www.tessolve.com

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"Becoming one with the subject" is the basic building block of a learning organization. Dedication establishes this connection. With Tureeya it happens.
      S.K. Yogan, Director, Test Engineering, Tessolve Services Pvt. Ltd. www.tessolve.com

Magma India 's team of field application engineers have some of the sharpest minds catering to Semiconductor Design Industry. Tureeya trained and mentored them in a 4 month engagement that included workshops and one on ones. The results have been fabulous. The participants, months after the exercise, still refer to the experience as the catalyst for positive change.
Team work, attitude to work, and maturity in customer interactions have improved significantly in almost every participant. Impact is felt in both their work/non-work environment. To our delight there has not been one negative feedback about the experience. "Tureeya performed remarkably well in a very challenging environment. Their in depth knowledge of human behavior and business experience has been the cornerstones for one of the best investments we have made in training."
     Ricky Bedi, Sr. Director Applications Engineering, Magma Design Automation India Pvt,      Ltd. www.magma-da.com

Tureeya has worked more as a mentor than a trainer to our company. The approach to understand the need/requirement of the client and doing an analysis enabled Tureeya to bring forward a custom made program which helped MAGMA DESIGN AUTOMATION INDIA PVT.LTD achieve the actual goal of our target requirement. The methodology of requirement analysis, custom program and follow up makes Tureeya different from other training bodies in the industry.
     Papiya Mitra(Piya), Sr. Manager - Human Resources, Magma Design Automation India      Pvt Ltd. www.magma-da.com

"Unifreight worked with Tureeya for about 4 months on institutionalizing Trust at Unifreight and building the capacities of the management team. Tureeya's ability to connect with the management team through their competence, genuine concern, and integrity made the program very successful. We look upon Tureeya not only as a long term partner but as an integral part of Unifreight because of their potential to provide business and HR value."
      N.Subramanian, Managing Director, Unifreight India Pvt Ltd. www.unifreightindia.com

"We have had the pleasure of working closely with Tureeya for over the last year and a half. Their insights into running a successful and value-driven corporation have been of immense value to us. Tureeya’s initial mentoring sessions with the CEO and others in decision making capacity brought about an awareness of hidden personal strengths, of team synergies and of opportunities to go after. They have tirelessly encouraged us to benchmark ourselves with the best in the world and have opened our eyes to the larger potential in ourselves. We are so impressed with the quality of the outcome, that Tureeya, is today on our advisory board. We have grown much in this last 18 months in revenue, number of satisfied customers and in number of employees, and we greatly value Tureeya's contribution to this growth and success."
      Kathir Kamanathan , CEO and Founder, Chellasoft Inc, www.chellasoft.com

Learning to manage over 300 employees from 100 four years ago requires a great deal of human management skills and understanding of human behavior. Tureeya has been principally responsible for helping the senior management of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement in understanding emotional relationships, help build in the spirit of team building and working together, and in ensuring that each person performs to his optimum best. But for Tureeya, we would not have been able to reach the level of efficiency and effectiveness that we have today. What impressed us the most was the fact that working with us was not considered by them as just another assignment. It was a continuous process of helping each one of us understand our own selves and help us understand the context of working as one team to reach the objectives that we had set for ourselves.
If Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement today is regarded as one of the finest and most professionally managed National level NGOs, much of the credit should go to Tureeya in helping us reach and stay there.

      Dr. R. Balasubramaniam, President & CEO Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement,       www.svym.net

“Partnership with Tureeya has made our Training modules and Programs wholesome. Tureeya with its world class cognitive and behavioral models have helped our trainees not only to envision personal goals but also align them with institutional goals, thus, catalyzing the growth of a new breed of world class, efficient and socially conscious development leaders."
      Dr.(Flt Lt).M.A.Balasubramanya, Executive Director, Vivekananda Institute for       Leadership Development www.vild.edu.in

A workshop with a difference! Throughout the sessions lasting two days, we observed that Tureeya played a role primarily in eliciting ideas, thoughts and experiences from the participants. And this, when Tureeya could have easily ‘lectured’ through the sessions to convey its theme. We feel it was one those journeys during which several insights got etched in our memory. That we are able to quickly recall relevant learning’s at certain crucial junctures is a testimony to the effectiveness of the program. Kudos to Tureeya. We wish them great success.
      Chandu (A Ramchandran), Trustee, Vishwa Seva Educational Trust (V-Set), www.vset.org

"Tureeya, as an organization, is passionate and serious about the work that they do.   Their sincere interest in helping people easily builds trust and naturally opens doors to working well together. Their experience, working in the US and India and in various roles (technical, sales, business head, coach/mentor) brings a lot of experience and professionalism.  I have obtained their help before and wouldn't hesitate to do that again."
      Narayanan Subramanyan :: Chairman and VP of Marketing :: Mentorware, Inc.       www.mentorware.com

"We did a "mind expansion" workshop with Tureeya during a business planning exercise for senior management personnel in our division. The workshop was very well received with an overwhelming request for more."
      VP, "One of the top 3 IT Companies in India "

      From some of our attendees of our workshops and mentoring sessions

Fantastic, useful in day to day activities”

“The experience was very revealing about my personal behaviors”

“Perfect, good knowledge of subject, facilitated people to understand and discover their potential”

“Now that I have learnt the tricks, I’ll try to apply them in real life situations. I am very hopeful”

“The experience taught me to deal with tough situations at work life, which I believe I would not have been able to without this workshop”

“The course content really helped in understanding some thing which are really needed to be more effective in day to day life”

“I had no expectations from the course but now after two days it has opened a whole new way of looking at people”

“The journey has gained momentum and I seem to be on track”

“Learnt new ideas to look at situations from a customer’s perspective”

“Has helped me understand personal biases and weaknesses”

“It gave a special time to think about critical aspects of inner self”

“Enhanced the ability to look at situations in a holistic manner and all perspectives”

“Made me look at me deeply and how I can potentially change”

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