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  Tureeya Resonant Leadership Model

The primary task for leaders is to channelize the emotional energy of people around them in the right direction, thereby creating an effective environment for optimistic, efficient and optimum action. When leaders create positive emotions, we term the effect as resonance. When a leader triggers resonance, you can read it in people’s eyes. They light up. The root of resonance is revealing: the Latin word resonare means to resound.

The Tureeya experience helps individuals rise to the highest potential of work and life. Individuals drop their limitations and develop a system of self-learning to achieve their next level of performance and personal resonance.

The Tureeya experience can catalyze team resonance - develop teams to their peak level of functioning. Individuals in a team co-create a collaborative work environment by understanding one another, synergizing their natural leadership styles and fostering an atmosphere of trust and open communication.

When Organizations resonate, we can see, a common purpose, a shared vision in individuals that prompts collective action towards a goal that resonates with their individual purpose in life. It is visible in their collective bonding; in their leaders who have a professional will for sustained results and an inherent need to see their company as something larger than themselves. Everything we do is centered on helping organizations reach their goals.

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