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Personal Resonance
Since emotions enable actions, change or efficiency, a primal task for leaders is to drive the emotions of themselves and others towards positive directions, thereby creating the right environment for optimistic, efficient and optimum action. Tureeya workshops reveal intra and inter personal cognitive and emotive patterns, thereby setting a context for individuals and teams to sell, lead, manage and communicate to their fullest potential.

Personal Leadership
Individuals, who resonate with themselves, are those who master their emotions, live their life with choice and awareness. Such individuals have the ability to:
  • Use their emotions and catalyze differences between people to derive positive outcomes.
  • Achieve their objectives without alienating others.
  • Stay open to learning all the time.
  • Develop empathic, trusting relationships.
  • Remain optimistic in the face of tough situations.
  • Avoid traps of hiring people just like themselves.
  • Lead initiatives to break silos of mistrust around them.
  • Dilute life-negating tendencies in self and others like procrastination, need to control, need for certainty, need for perfection etc...
  • Become better at selling and serving their customers and colleagues by being able to understand and appreciate the needs of them, without projecting their own needs and desires on reality.

Personal Resonant Leadership workshops are focused on understanding oneself and developing personalized plans to step up to the next level of contribution.

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