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Skill Focus

Creating sustained excellence often involves contemplation and acquisition of key skill areas. Tureeya can orient workshops to a process of acquiring specific skills.

Communication embraces and affects all that goes on between human beings. It is the most important determinant of the kinds of relationships and bonds a person forges with others. How we manage survival, how we develop intimacy, how productive we are, how we make sense —all depend largely on our communication skills.

Tureeya workshops help participants understand the elements of communication, enhance observation skills, understand feelings and emotions that help and hinder communication and begin a journey to better listening and effective empathic communication. Participants practice various response skills and develop a communication style that is assertive without being aggressive.


Assertiveness is the ability to express your feelings, opinions and beliefs directly, openly and honestly without violating the personal rights of others. Assertiveness does not mean being aggressive. Aggressive behavior is self-enhancing at the cost of others.

Self-Assertive behavior demonstrates self-respect and respect for others. It is concerned as much with dealing with one’s own feelings about oneself and others as with the end result.

Tureeya’s workshops on assertiveness are often the most life changing. We investigate personal beliefs that cause non-assertive behavior. A lot of time is explored in developing assertive skills, using the language of assertiveness, conducting assertive rehearsals.

The workshop is very experiential and relevant to daily work life with a lot of space for reflection and growth.


Optimists treat misfortune as a temporary setback. When confronted by a testing situation, they see it as a challenge and try harder. Pessimists tend to believe misfortunes will last forever, undermining everything they do and internalizing everything as their fault. Pessimists can develop optimism by learning a new set of cognitive skills.

Tureeya’s workshops focused on optimism help individuals drop pessimistic patterns of behavior and replace them with positive leadership abilities. Participants discover the rewards of being practical optimists.


Stress Reduction
The path to stress management is unique to every individual and Tureeya honors that Truth. The question of stress management is personal, intensely spiritual, integrated to the disciplines of counseling, yoga, behavioral science, nutrition, medicine and psychology.

The program creates awareness on the inner mechanisms of an individual that generate stress. This awareness can help the person change inner responses to relationships, work and in general to life itself. The Tureeya Stress Management course helps identify and liberate individuals from their deeply conditioned belief systems, which cause day-to-day stress.

Every individual attending the program will

  • Understand psychological, physiological and environmental contributors to stress.
  • Understand personal belief patterns contributing to stress.
  • Strengthen body-mind capacity to handle stress.
  • Learn skills to prevent stress.


Joyful Empathy
Tureeya’s course on empathy is unique. The classic connotation of identifying with another’s emotion is discarded in favor of joyful empathy, which arises from universal acceptance and awareness, making us one with the other person.

The participants begin a rewarding journey of self discovery or Antharyami, a beautiful Sanskrit word which means Knower of the Self. Through readings, stories and personal experiences, the workshop explores truths that obstruct empathy. The results of the workshop are greater bonding and appreciation of the differences between team members.

In every office
You hear the threads
Of love and joy and fear and guilt
The cries for celebration and reassurance
And somehow you know that connecting these threads
Is what you are supposed to do …


Workshops on creativity focus on allowing the learners to experience a state of creative mind. Mind expansion sessions explore the road blocks to creativity, such as feeling the pressure to provide answers, thinking I need to solve it, not comprehending the structures of the mind, fear, beliefs, desire for consistency, tendencies to compress, reduce and stereotype, patterns of viewing through filters of prejudices, experience, inability to see the other side of things and to suspend judgment and criticism.
We joyfully explore the positive attitudes of Creativity; Curiosity, Understanding and Challenging Assumptions, Constructive Discontent, Emotional Awareness, Suspending Judgment and Criticism, Welcoming Problems and Group Problem Solving.

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