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Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Tureeya and Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (, a pioneering movement to create an equitable rural society free of deprivation and strife jointly conduct these programs. SVYM and Tureeya combine the rich corporate and educational experience of the mentors of Tureeya and the social and personal values of SVYM, a non-profit organization, dedicated to health, education and community development of the backward areas of rural India.

Programs to new recruits help

  • Increase the chances of retaining employees who are looking for a more wholesome, integrated approach to their careers and life.
  • Increase awareness of the importance of relationships and longevity in a company through an understanding of how to achieve personal goals.

Programs to managers focus on

  • Motivating self and sub-ordinates people to work in a non-monetary context.
  • Providing an opportunity for managers to experience critical leadership issues in a different context and apply it to their day to day challenges.
  • Issues such as accountability, integrity and ownership.

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