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  Conducting the Tureeya Experience

We suggest that every step of interaction with Tureeya be voluntary for the employees. This creates a learning experience where the boundaries of awareness and change are explored; career and business critical answers are sought with urgency and ownership.

Implementation Process
We suggest two sessions of one hour each with the sponsors. The first one deliberates on the objective of the workshop and the second one builds a consensus on the workshop design.

Tureeya then conducts a 1-2 hour briefing for potential participants. At the end of this session it is suggested that employees choose to take part in the experience based on their understanding of the process.

Tureeya then conducts a workshop for the participants. The duration is ideally two days at an offsite. The workshop introduces key concepts. The attendees observe themselves and prepare for the one on one mentoring sessions. It is expected that the participants spend a total of three to four hours preparing for the first mentoring session. The first one on one mentoring sessions is conducted roughly 15-30 days after the one day workshop and the second mentoring session is 2-3 months later.

The sponsors and Tureeya then decide the necessary intervention required for the participants to take their learning forward.

Reviewing the Program

It is our experience that ~30% of the attendees will view the workshop as life changing, ~30% will view the workshop as extremely useful and ~30% will view the workshop as usefully reinforcing something they already know. The success of the program will be analyzed through the normal performance review mechanisms of the company and a qualitative survey of the participants and their managers at the end of the program.

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