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  Our Name and Logo

Tureeya is a Vedantic name for the ultimate knowledge. Knowledge that ends all suffering and begins a life resonating with universal values and all that is possible.

Our logo and website is designed by Mr. Gautam Bansal at www.rang.co.in. The lone bird and the sun at the bottom reflect a resonant individual striving for the sun - An individual expanding personal boundaries and being the best he or she can be.

The V formation of the Geese exemplifies team resonance. The V formation maximizes the energy expended by those flying as part of it. The leader breaks the air for those flying behind it and creates a slipstream for others to be dragged along in. The upward motion of the wings of the birds in front creates a draft that propels those following them. This push/pull relationship ensures all birds in the formation benefit from the work of others. The Geese instinctively rotate leadership of the flock - allowing tired birds who have used a lot of energy to take rest. The V formation of Geese is a beautiful and serene thing to watch from the ground. However it’s quite a noisy affair with the Geese constantly honking and encouraging one another. These resonant team dynamics allow the Geese to fly amazing distances without stopping for rest.

The group of stars defines the objective of an organization – creating opportunities that create a collection of stars – each successfully shining in their own unique style.

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