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  Tureeya Who Am I Model

A simple model sets the foundation for the course. At the very core of every human is a set of needs and values that arise out of inborn preferences and experiences. These experiences and tendencies lead to cognitive and emotive patterns that manifest in styles of interaction, leadership, management, relationship, teaching, learning, parenting, behaviors, management, communication, language, learning and body language.

The course reveals intra and interpersonal cognitive and emotive patterns, thereby setting the context for leveraging positive patterns of behavior and altering negative patterns. This results in individuals managing, selling, leading and communicating at their optimum ability.

Tureeya uses various world-class personality instruments for which it has certification and competence. It has developed some of the instruments as part of its intellectual property creation. Tureeya Cognitive Awareness Model includes, MBTI® (used to reveal thinking styles) and Keirseyan Temperaments® (used to reveal needs and values). Tureeya Emotive Awareness Model includes world-class instruments and models such as: EQi®, REBT® (used to reveal emotive patterns) and 6Seconds®.

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